About Rose-Line
Rosaline Heaven Alpha is a Sierra Leonean who was raised in The Gambia. She attended the SOS junior secondary school then moved to the Gambia Methodist Academy where she completed her High school education. 

It’s so interesting how I developed a passion for makeup. I wasn’t really a makeup freak but somehow I learned it. I would do my make-up at home. I never took it seriously because I thought I wasn’t good enough. When  I got to Cyprus I felt led to start my own business. I was scared and shy because I felt I wasn’t perfect. But God told me this “when you start I will keep perfecting you at it” and those words encouraged me. I created an IG page and had no customers. There were some days I cried and was questioning myself. God be the Glory Rose-Line is growing. People keep coming! Trusting God pays. No matter how things hurt, trust the process, and keep moving. keep growing! (I am still growing)
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