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Like Whoa Wigs is a creatively branded hair line by Fashion Influencer and Creative Entrepreneur Fennella Like Whoa. Fennella Like Whoa is a Sierra Leonean model, blogger and creative entrepreneur.
Growing up in an African household Like Whoa was inspired by the style expertise and fashion knowledge of her African parents. As a teen she became deeply interested in the cultural and spiritual meaning of clothing and began to apply those principles to her style and aesthetic. She uses fashion, arts and media as a way to communicate and convey positive messages that uplift her generation. After winning best dressed female as a freshman at the number one Historically Black College, Spelman, she became well known around campus for being the top fashion influencer.
Like Whoa pursued various creative and entrepreneurial projects while in her undergraduate career such as opening her first online store, blogging, starting a jewelry line, modeling, turning her freshman dorm room into a boutique and more.
Upon graduating she decided to start Echelon Twelve, a fashion organization with a strong emphasis on service, training and leadership in order to establish her legacy. And she did exactly that. The organization currently serves the prestigious campuses of Spelman College, Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University.
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