9 months ago
Mohamed Williams
From Sierra Leone
In Washington, D.C., United States

The most nourishing and moisturizing body butters you can find.

About Sunkissed Mari Skincare
Sunkissed Mari is a brand that believes beauty can be achieved by using natural and organic ingredients. The founder, Mariatu Savage, grew up using “Madoni” (Shea Butter) and black soap from Sierra Leone to nourish her skin. She wants everyone to shine using these natural ingredients to bring the world a Sunkissed Mari glow. All Sunkissed Mari products are non-toxic and safe for babies.
“A lot of times being a black woman there are certain things we limit ourselves from doing because we see our skin color as a limitation. For instance, I hear women saying things such as “I wont wear this lipstick because I am black; stepping into that role and being as black women is powerful and exactly what the SKM brand is about.”
- Mariatu Savage Founder, Sunkissed Mari Brand”
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