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AdvocAid works with girls and women caught up in Sierra Leone’s often unjust legal system. We are the only organisation in West Africa providing holistic access to justice via free legal representation, education empowerment, detainee support and a moving forward programme, ensuring detainees leave as stronger women with brighter prospects.
Poverty and imprisonment frequently go hand-in-hand, both as the reason for women’s offences and because women can rarely afford legal services, fines or bail. Alongside this, poor education means too many women don’t know or understand their legal rights, resulting in admission to crimes they did not commit and no knowledge of their rights when arrested.
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AdvocAid 4 days ago

Feminist Law Lecture Series: A Collaboration between AdvocAid and the University of Makeni.Apply here: https://advocaidsl.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/2024-APPLICATION-FORM-AdvocAid-UNIMAK-Feminist-Law-Lecture-Series-2-2.pdfThe post appeared first on AdvocAid.

AdvocAid 5 months ago

Celebrating International Women’s Human Rights Defenders Day: A Tribute to Sabrina Mahtani, A Champion for Incarcerated Women By Juliet Mamawa KaikaiInternational Women’s Human Rights Defender’s Day holds a special place in our hearts as a feministorganisation that is founded by... Read More

AdvocAid 7 months ago

What does the International Day of the Girl Child mean to girls who come in contact with the law? – Rebecca KabejjaAs Sierra Leone together with the rest of the world celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child under the... Read More

AdvocAid 8 months ago

Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building a foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies. By Umu Kulthum Sesay, AdvocAid’s Frances Claudia Wright Scholarship Recipient.Every year, on September 8th, the world unites to celebrate International Literacy Day. This occasion, established by UNESCO in 1966,... Read More

AdvocAid 1 year ago

Freedom of Expression cannot be Suppressed, Urges Sierra Leone’s Civil SocietyPress Release: 20 April 2023 AdvocAid, L.A.W.Y.E.R.S., I.LR.A.J., A Girl At A Time, Amnesty International, and Girlz Empowered are concerned... Read More

AdvocAid 1 year ago

Meet AdvocAid’s first Frances Claudia Wright ScholarAn interview with AdvocAid’s first Frances Claudia Wright scholar – Ms. Umu Kulthum Sesay. Photo: Umu Kulthum Sesay at the... Read More

AdvocAid 1 year ago

An open letter to announce a new chapter for AdvocAidDear Friend, This January will be the month that AdvocAid starts a new chapter with a new Chair of the... Read More

AdvocAid 1 year ago

Time to rest, reset and restoreThe post appeared first on AdvocAid.

AdvocAid 2 years ago

Civil Society Urges Government to Review Cases of Women and Girls in Detention who were Overlooked in the Presidential Pardon ProcessAdvocAid and Purposeful are dismayed that only five women out of 160 incarcerated people were pardoned during the New Year’s Day Presidential pardons.... Read More

AdvocAid 2 years ago

AdvocAid celebrates Sierra Leone abolishing the death penalty23 July 2021 AdvocAid congratulates the Government and Parliament of Sierra Leone on abolishing the death penalty. Since its founding... Read More