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Madieu Williams Foundation is a 501(c)3 that focuses on education and health for underprivileged youth both in the United States and in Sierra Leone. We have built a successful school in Calabatown for 372 students. Domestically, we run an after school program in Montgomery County Public School focusing on three areas; Academics, Life Skills and Physical Activity. We are committed to children's education and health.

Our charge is simple and integral to ensuring that under-privileged children recognize their value. We are equipping our children with critical tools and resources to inspire good stewardship, while strengthening the core of our communities. Our foundation specialized in academic enhancement, health and wellness education, which includes controlled fitness activities for under-privileged youth in the United States and Sierra Leone. MWF aspires to be the premiere Center of Excellence for Youth Enrichment and Empowerment; we recognize that our very existence is contingent upon our ability to pave the way forward to build a better future for our youth.
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This video is a summary of our projects in Sierra Leone and in Prince Georges County, MD.